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Loan Rates Share Rates Investment Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: February 5, 2018
The rates shown are the most common rate charged to our borrowers.
Your rate will depend upon credit qualifications and approval.
Rates subject to change without notice. APR - Annual Percentage Rate
All Consumer Collateral Loans will be charged a $75 Loan Processing Charge.
Loan TypeTermAPR* as low as
Vehicles2012 - 201836 -50 Months2.99%
51 - 62 Months3.24%
$15,000 or more63 - 74 Months3.79%
$25,000 or more75 - 85 Months4.29%
$50,000 or more86 - 92 Months4.89%
Used Vehicles2005-2011up to 36 Months3.79%
51 - 62 Months4.29%
Older Vehicles - $20,000 or Over36-50 Months6.09%
More than 12 years oldLess than $20,000up to 48 Months6.39%
Approval by CEOLonger TermsTBD by age of vehicle6.89%
Over $50,000up to 180 Months6.09%
$31,000 - $49,999up to 144 Months5.99%
$15,000 - $30,999up to 84 Months5.79%
Less than $15,000up to 60 Month5.49%
New Jet Skisup to 72 Months5.79%
Used Jet Skis5 years or less60 Months6.09%
New Farm Equipment36-48 months5.69%
$10,000 or more60 months6.09%
$20,000 or more72 months6.59%
$30,000 or more120 months7.09%
Used Farm Equipment10 years or less36-48 months7.29%
$20,000 or more60 months7.89%
New Mtr. Cycles $15,000 or more61-72 month6.19%
up to 60 months5.49%
New Four Wheelersup to 60 months5.49%
Used Mtr. Cycles 2 years old or less48 months6.39%
3-5 years old42 months6.49%
6-8 years old36 months6.59%
New Recreational Vehicles$20,000 or less36-72 months5.69%
up to $50,000144 months6.09%
over $50,000180 months6.19%
Used Recreational Vehicles$20,000 or less36-60 months5.99%
up to $50,00084 months6.19%
over $50,000120 months6.49%
Personal LoansOverdraftvaries12.99%
Signature60 months or less9.99%
Line of Credit60 months or less9.99%
Mortgage Rates
Loan TypeTermAPR* as low as
In-house nonconformingMin loan $35,0008-12 years3.89%
Min loan $50,00013-15 years4.07%
Min loan $75,00016-18 years4.19%
***Other Conditions: 80% of appraisal if score is 640 to 650 1% Origination Fee 85% of appraisal if score is 651 to 699 90% of appraisal if score is 700
Home Equity Loanup to 5 years4.49%
6-10 years4.79%
11-12 years4.89%
Minimum Loan $25,00013-15 years4.99%
***Other Conditions: 80% Appraisal - 650-699 CS; 85% Appraisal 700 CS;
Home Equity Line (HELOC)Min 1st draw $10,000; Other draws $500 min.up to 15 yearsWall St. Pr. to Float
Improved-Subdivision80% of appraisal (650-674 credit score )60 months5.39%
85% of appraisal (675-699 credit score) up to 120 months5.79%
90% of appraisal (700 credit score)up to 180 months6.19%
Unimproved-Acreage75% of appraisal (650-699 credit score)60 months5.39%
80% of appraisal (700 credit score)up to 120 months5.79%
up to 180 months6.19%
VISA Credit Cards with UChoose Rewards
Card TypeAPR* as low as
Platinum Rewardsearns UChoose Rewards9.90% APR
Gold Rewardsearns UChoose Rewards11.90% APR
Classic Rewardsearns UChoose Rewards13.90% APR
All collateral loans and
unsecured loans (except lines of credit)
will be charged a
$75 adminstrative fee
RE Loans and Shares Secured
Loans will not have a fee. All loans rates are quoted with direct deposit and auto debit. Add .5% for no direct deposit and add .3% for no auto debit.

Your savings federally insured to
at least $250,000 and backed by
the full faith and credit of the
United States Government Agency

National Credit Union Administration,
a U.S. Government Agency

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